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The future of farming

About us

With population predicted to reach 9.8 billion by 2050, the pressures of food supply is ever increasing, intensified by population growth as well as climate change. This will require an increase of 60 per cent of food production to meet this future demand, which will force greater innovation within the agricultural industry. It will cause the agriculture sector to converge with technology, a collision that the industry needs to be ready for. Revolutionising agriculture is at the heart of what we do. At Innovation Agri-Tech Group (IAG), we understand the importance of this and are operating technology augmented agricultural production processes where automation and higher yields are made possible. The result of this means greater profitability for crops grown due to the use of environment control systems technology enabling all year round food production.

Our Vision

IAG aims to become a market leader and pioneer of agricultural solutions within the UK. It has identified several areas within British agriculture such as horticulture and supply inconsistency as major issues and will use its modern technology solutions to address and solve them. The vision is to set up several 皇冠账号登录 vertical farming facilities across the UK that will be able to supply Britain’s rapidly rising urban communities with fresh and quality produce that is grown more sustainably.


IAG are passionate about our state of the artaeroponic agriculture, farmland investment opportunities. Follow our articles and blog for exciting, up-to-date news and insights.

Investing in Innovation Agri-Tech Group

IAG is UK-based Agriculture technology company raising funds to build 皇冠账号登录 vertical Farms, using Aerponic technology

Our farms will be fitted with all the tools needed for high-volume and with innovative climate technology and growing equipment, the perfect environment 365 days a year.

This will allow for the production of up to ten times more crop than regular farming per square foot. This is due to the vertical direction of most 皇冠账号登录 farms, meaning that produce can grow on multiple levels per square foot of space.

IAG believes it has an opportunity within the UK market to “shape modern farming” and in the current climate, IAG believes this could be a way Britain can establish itself in a growing agricultural market.

We are dedicated to reducing our global footprint by using modern machinery with less carbon emissions and producing crops locally.

皇冠账号登录 Vertical Farming uses 95% less water than traditional methods

70% of produce is imported from EU countries

£5.07 billion: the projected vertical farming market value by 2022


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